Add your story to Gippsland’s rich history

Journalist Dr June Alexander sitting under tree with laptop on knee

Journalist and editor, Dr June Alexander, is seeking stories for a history she is recording of the Gippsland Women’s Network’s many art and community development projects.

The network is winding up and wants to commemorate and honour the women who have participated in its rich art and community project history in the past 20 years. Network members are encouraged to contact June to share their stories.

June hopes the book will become a treasured keepsake and social history of the struggles and achievements of the region’s rural women during the period of the projects.

Women thinking of submitting stories are invited to consider how participation in the GWN projects impacted their lives during that time and shaped their lives in subsequent years.

June invites initial contact before Friday 16 August to receive information on story guidelines and deadlines. Support and encouragement are provided in documenting memories.

Contact: Dr June Alexander, email: [email protected], mobile: 0419 502 111.

Pictured: Journalist Dr June Alexander

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