Drones: more rural women set to fly high

Fiona Lake presenting at the 2018 Women on Farms Gathering

Photographer and drone pilot Fiona Lake at the 2018 Women on Farms Gathering

Award-winning photographer and drone pilot Fiona Lake delivered a workshop on understanding drone technology and its on-farm applications at the 2018 Women on Farms Gathering.

Fiona highlighted the business opportunities for rural women in drones used for agriculture, as a new and quickly developing industry where only one per cent of drone pilots are currently women.

Multiple uses for drones in agriculture include mapping and checking irrigation lines and troughs, mustering, using infrared technology to measure crop plant health and weed resistance, reducing farm labour needs, and providing much-needed information to inform farm business decisions.

For more information, visit https://www.fionalake.com.au/blog/drones-farming-photography/what-is-the-best-drone-to-buy/


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