Goodness Pantry Organic Granola – social media and farmers markets

Pic of Erin holding her produce in front of the Murray River

Ever since I was little, I have been an avid cook, experimenting with recipes and hoping to awe my family and friends. Cooking for loved ones and knowing that they think the meal is delicious is a great feeling! I grew up along the Murray River in Swan Hill, where I constantly felt connected to the food I was eating and how it was grown. We had veggie patches and compost bins, and we were aware of the cycle of our food.

I’ve been plant-based for over a year now, and I wanted to share my ideas and recipes with others as a creative outlet and to show people how easy it really is. This was the catalyst for starting Goodness Pantry – I was already eating my own granola every day, so I thought, ‘Why not allow others the opportunity to try it?’

Just before Christmas, I launched my first product at the Swan Hill Farmer’s Market, with great success. But social media – Facebook and Instagram – really helped elevate my very new brand to the public. Social media enables me to reach an audience far beyond the traditional media such as print and television. In the short lifespan of Goodness Pantry, I have connected with people all over the world who see my product, and also see what the Swan Hill region has to offer.

Starting my business in a small town meant I could approach other small business owners and mentors, who are always willing to give advice. Another benefit of starting out in the country, rather than in a city, is a less competitive market. And without a long commute, regional small business owners have potentially more time to juggle a start-up with a full-time job.

Sustainability is one of the key values of my brand, so I don’t package my product in plastic. I currently use reusable glass jars but will switch to 100% compostable packaging in the near future. It’s important to me to remember why I started the business, and to ensure it aligns with my values every step of the way.

With the launch of a new product not too far away, customers can purchase the original Maple Almond Granola at the Swan Hill Farmer’s Markets – it’s natural, healthy and delicious!

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