Calling Goulburn Valley women in agriculture!


Are you a woman involved in food and fibre production in the Goulburn Valley?  Are there stories you can share about rural women in agriculture?  How could life be improved for women in farming?

Monash University PhD student Laura Coady needs your help.  As part of the ambitious Invisible Farmer project Laura is looking to uncover the barriers, challenges and opportunities women encounter in agricultural work today.

The Invisible Farmer project is the largest ever study of Australian women on the land.  The purpose is to research, reveal and understand the role of women in agriculture and the contemporary issues facing rural Australia.  The lives of women in farming have changed rapidly over the decades. Laura will create a detailed picture of how women’s lives fit within shared spaces of agriculture, community, family and land.

Laura is talking to a broad range of women in agriculture, whether they pick fruit while travelling, own a farm, or work its computers. She is collecting stories through focus groups, interviews, and related life histories. These stories will be archived at the National Library of Australia.

Get in touch with Laura at [email protected] or call 0420 851 954 and share your story as a rural woman in agriculture in the Goulburn Valley.

Image above: Goulburn Valley fruit trees in autumn (credit: Mark Imhof)

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