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When things get tough, it can be hard to ask for support for yourself, your family or your community. In particular, if you live in a remote or agricultural community, it can be difficult to find or access the right services for your needs. The good news is there are a wide range of wellbeing and support initiatives available. These programs are a good starting point:

  • Did you know you can apply for a grant to support wellbeing in your community? Look Over the Farm Gate is a mental health and wellbeing initiative, supported by Agriculture Victoria, that delivers grants for community events and mental health training. Funds are also available to support farmers and communities impacted by drought and adverse conditions across the state. The Look Over the Farm Gate grants can fund one-off events or a series of events for community groups, local government and Victorian Farmers Federation branches. Events can range from a free community barbecue to regular fitness meet-ups, community tree planting, or a family movie night.
  • The National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH) has information and resources to help farming families recognise and take action to support their physical and emotional health. Resources include information on diabetes, alcohol, heart disease, healthy eating, trauma and emotional wellbeing. The NCFH is supported by the Victorian Government.
  • Flying Doctor Wellbeing, offered by the not-for-profit organisation, Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria, provides access to free confidential mental health and wellbeing services for people living in rural and remote communities, to help in tough times.

The Victorian Government also provides technical, financial, personal and regional support for families dealing with drought. Details can be found on the Agriculture Victoria website at: agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/farm-management/drought/dry-seasons-support.



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