How to navigate dairy farm developments


The infrastructure needed on dairy farms is complex, as are the regulatory frameworks that need to be navigated.  It can be time-consuming working through the process, only to discover you have the wrong piece of information.

Agriculture Victoria has developed an online decision support tool that incorporates geospatial planning data, farm parcel overlays, planning policies and farm zoning checklists into one application available on the web.

Navigating Farm Developments (NFD) is designed to save farmers time and money and provide a better outcome for their infrastructure investment.  Investment in infrastructure has the added benefit of creating jobs for regional Victoria, a win-win for rural communities.

Further livestock sectors, such as beef and sheep, pigs and poultry, will be developed in the next phase of work. More information will be available soon on how to access these tools.

Image above: Dairy cows, Agriculture Victoria

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