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A growing network of specialist regional hubs are providing free community support for people experiencing or using family violence. The Orange Door is an Australian first initiative providing free services and vital support for those in need.

Data shows that for many Australian women, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has coincided with the onset or escalation of violence and abuse. Since its beginnings in 2018, the Orange Door Network has enabled more than 101,000 people, including 39,000 children, to access a broad range of support, resources and responses.

The Orange Door has been set up by Family Safety Victoria , as part of the Victorian Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

What is The Orange Door Network?

An Australian-first initiative, providing free services from a coordinated network of workers specialised in family violence, child and Aboriginal services. Services can be accessed in person or over the phone. The Orange Door welcomes everyone, regardless of age, background, gender or migration status.

Who is the Orange Door for?
Services are available for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or using family violence, as well as families needing extra support with the care, wellbeing and development of children and young people.

What services does The Orange Door Network offer?
Orange Door offers a range of services including specialist family violence services, family services, Aboriginal services and services for people who use violence. Staff can help people directly or connect them to the right services depending on their circumstances, including flexible support packages, safety planning, safe accommodation, parenting support or programs to help change behaviour.

Where are the Orange Door centres located?
Support is available over the phone or can be accessed in-person across Barwon, Inner Gippsland, North East Melbourne, Bayside Peninsula, and Mallee. By 2022, the Orange Door will service all 17 Department of Health and Human Services regions through an integrated network of primary sites, access points and service centres.


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