The Women on Boards Way – your next board role

Joining a board can be a daunting prospect. Never fear Women on Boards is here to help.

Over the 11 years of our operation as a social enterprise we have developed a range of tools to assist would be board members. We characterise this as your pathway to directorship. Its individual; so join Women on Boards (WOB) and get the first instalment of your pathway. First up though, for many of us it’s about getting you to the starting gate.

Question 1- Why join a board?

  • Our answer is that its beneficial to you as part of your career. And it’s a natural transition post- employment.

Question 2 – Would anyone want me?

  • Many women think they do not have the skills or experience or are too young to be a board member. This is not the case – there is a board for everyone!
  • The WOB BDI (Boardroom Diversity Index) lists some 2000 boards across 25 sectors. Take a look at Boardroom-Diversity-Index This means your universe of opportunities is much larger than you may have thought. It’s not all about the ASX!

WOB is about the network. The WOB network is full of extraordinary women who operate under the principles of reciprocity, transparency and equity.

This rich, varied and supportive network ensures WOB continues and is successful in moving women into the boardroom.

We work hard to give you the personal support needed to optimise your skills and experience for board roles. This includes how to include board roles in your career, build valuable and strategic connections and leverage your professional skills.

WOB focusses its support in four key areas:

  • Career & professional development
  • Skills for leadership
  • Board readiness
  • Building your board room capability.

Some particular elements of the WOB program that are applicable to board seeking WOB members are:

  • Our signature Realising Your Board Potential workshop
  • WOB Mentoring which has experienced WOB members as mentors
  • Access to vacancies via weekly email and targeted alerts
  • 1:1 support for applications
  • Ongoing advocacy around transparency of the board recruitment process.

So, over to you to take the first step.

Ruth Medd

Chair Women on Boards

[email protected]

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