Wanted: your views on a new Bushfire Centre

Yellow flowering Banksia

The Victorian Government is seeking views from across the community on a proposal to create a Bushfire Centre. The centre would be a reflective, educational and scientific space that explores the history and effects of bushfires in Victoria.

The centre could take the form of a dedicated museum, a touring program, a widely accessible digital portal or an out-of-the-box new idea. Feedback gathered during the consultation process will help shape the next steps for the project which is being led by Creative Victoria in consultation with groups including the Country Fire Association.

The consultation explores topics such as the need for a bushfire centre, the best way to realise the concept, possible locations if a permanent site were to be established and what visitors would expect to see and learn during a visit.

The Victorian Bushfire Centre public consultation is open until 15 August 2019.

Pictured: Flowering Banksia

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There is a bushfire memorial in Cockatoo that could be better used

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