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Jasmine Glover, Rural Women's Coordinator, with her dog MaisyThe past few months have been exciting and productive for the Victorian Rural Women’s Network.

In November, we invited women to apply for funded places on our $500,000 Leadership and Mentoring Program. We have partnered with four established course providers to deliver programs to women with emerging to senior leadership capabilities.

Congratulations to the 10 women who have already received funded places on 2019 courses! We look forward to sharing their stories.

This edition of our quarterly newsletter takes a wellbeing focus. New Year is a time when we make resolutions, look to bettering ourselves and continue to look out for our families, neighbours and communities.

Stories this month profile exceptional women in business who make an impact through food, fitness and wellbeing. I am particularly inspired by this quote from Jess Liston in the story, ‘5 ways horses teach leadership’:

“People are so busy trying to keep up with external pressures, they lose their own balance and their own sense of place in the world. When people learn to listen and honour their own internal rhythm, they can become a more effective leader, partner, parent or team member.”

This year, the network has more opportunities and activities to enrich and benefit subscribers. There will be another round of places for the 2020 Leadership and Mentoring Program, social media campaigns and more inspiring and uplifting stories from our readers.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep updated. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019!

Cheers from Jasmine Glover (pictured above), Rural Women’s Coordinator, on behalf of the Victorian Rural Women’s Network team.

We invite your stories or ideas for future editions. Articles should be written by, about or for rural women. If you would like to add something for our April 2019 newsletter, please submit it by Thursday 28 February, 2019, to [email protected]. Contact us via:

Email: [email protected]
Website: extensionaus.com.au/VRWNetwork/
Facebook: facebook.com/VRWNetwork/
Twitter: twitter.com/VRWNetwork

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