Auckland biosecurity walking trail

Image supplied by Auckland Botanic Gardens.

The Auckland Botanic Gardens are leading the way in biosecurity awareness in botanic gardens. In May 2019, they launched a biosecurity walking trail which gives locals and overseas visitors a chance to learn about the role they can play in protecting New Zealand’s flora from pests and diseases.

Throughout the 1.8 km walk visitors can discover biosecurity facts at their own pace as they admire more than 10,000 plants for New Zealand and around the world. The signs at each of the 12 check points along the path display brief information about pests and diseases that threaten New Zealand’s flora and primary industries such as kauri dieback. Visitors can also scan a QR code at each check point to access more information on the pest.

The trail also recognises the role that every New Zealander can play in preventing pests and diseases from arriving and spreading. For example, information presented during the walk highlights the importance of cleaning shoes before and after heading into forests to help stop the spread of kauri dieback.

The trail was funded by Plant and Food Research and developed in a collaboration between Better Border Biosecurity and Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Find out more about the trail here.


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