National priority plant pests

The National Priority Plant Pests list includes a range of exotic plant pests and diseases that pose the most significant threat on a national scale. Some of these are of great importance to botanic gardens.
Although they are not the only plant pests of biosecurity concern, the National Priority Plant Pets …
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Listen: No Plants No Food

Branch Out presenter and producer Vanessa Fuchs and PlantClinic Senior Research Scientist Dr Edward Liew. Image: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Branch Out is an award-winning podcast produced by the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and encourages a global audience to discover the surprising world of plants. In this episode ‘No Plants No …
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Don’t give an unwanted gift this Christmas

During the holiday season more people are travelling and exchanging gifts which increases the risk of spreading plant pests and diseases.
You may think that the hand carved elephant or necklace made from colourful seeds that you purchased on your overseas holiday would make a perfect gift for Auntie Jane but …
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International Year of Plant Health 2020

The International Year of Plant Health for 2020 was launched globally by the Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome on 2 December 2019. The year is a great opportunity to highlight the role everyone plays in protecting our plants from the threat of pests and diseases.
Australia is lucky to be free from …
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What is a plant pest?

Protecting plants from pests is an important part of keeping plants healthy within botanic gardens, agricultural systems and the natural environment, but what do we mean when we talk about plant pests?
In general, a plant pest is any species, strain or biotype of invertebrate pest or pathogen which harms plants, …
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Auckland biosecurity walking trail

Image supplied by Auckland Botanic Gardens.
The Auckland Botanic Gardens are leading the way in biosecurity awareness in botanic gardens. In May 2019, they launched a biosecurity walking trail which gives locals and overseas visitors a chance to learn about the role they can play in protecting New Zealand’s flora from …
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Biosecurity tip: Clean your shoes

Dirty shoes are a biosecurity risk as they can carry and spread pests and diseases.
A simple way to manage this risk is to make sure that you thoroughly wash and disinfect footwear when moving between different plant growing areas. This includes traveling between gardens, and venturing in and out of …
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Coordinated surveillance by botanic gardens staff

Have you considered that surveillance activities may be occurring in a botanic garden or arboreta near you?
In addition to this network, a project has been established with staff of botanic gardens and arboreta to conduct coordinated surveillance across gardens to detect pests on susceptible species as early as possible.  Staff …
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Biosecurity in botanic gardens

Plant biosecurity is the actions individuals, industries, governments and others take to keep plant pests and diseases from entering or moving around Australia. The goal of plant biosecurity is to keep plants, including those in botanic gardens,  healthy and productive.
Biosecurity has played a critical role in reducing risk and shaping …
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