Welcome to the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network

Together we can build biosecurity knowledge and capacity to protect and preserve botanic gardens from plant pests and diseases.

The Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network connects you with information, experts, practitioners and key influencers across botanic gardens  to support biosecurity and surveillance of exotic plants pests and diseases in your botanic gardens.

The project aims to empower those in the gardens to help spread knowledge about biosecurity, though communications and surveillance activities.

To achieve this, the network will operate a community of practice on the extensionAUS™ platform. extensionAUS™ is an internet platform based on the vision ‘together we can achieve more’. It brings together scientists, academics and practitioners in rural industries and communities to collaborate, share knowledge and research, create ideas, and produce solutions.

The network is being established by Plant Health Australia, with funding from the Department of Agriculture. Friends of botanic gardens in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and experts in plant biosecurity will be the first members of the network.

By working together you can learn how to look out for and protect botanic and home gardens from exotic plant pests.

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