Climate impacts on streamflows and future water supplies

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1 July 2021

Key messages:

  • Compared to historical records, the following has been observed:
    • Higher temperatures
    • Reductions in winter rainfall
    • Some increases in summer rainfall
    • In some catchments, a shift in the streamflow response to rainfall
  • In the future we can expect:
    • The winter rainfall reductions to remain, or become drier still
    • Possible increases in summer rainfall
    • Increases in potential evapotranspiration due to higher temperature
    • Reductions in streamflow across all catchments because of less rainfall and higher potential evapotranspiration
    • The streamflow response to rainfall to no longer remain the same, and generally decline
  • Important note: These changes are in comparison to an historical period, which is not necessarily representative of today’s climate. Some the projected changes have already partially occurred (this is explained around 40 minutes into the recording).

For more information, watch the webinar recording above, visit the Victorian water and climate change website, or contact [email protected].

Content sources and further information

Ag Vic Climate webinars:

State of the Climate 2020

Victorian climate projections 2019

Rating: 5.0/5. From 3 votes.
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