Interactive ETo irrigation scheduling tool

A pilot interactive irrigation scheduling tool is now available on ExtensionAUS for irrigators to use, providing daily evapotranspiration (ETo) and rainfall data from the Bureau of Meteorology for any location in Victoria.

The tool is updated daily showing the past 7 days, next 7 days and provides irrigation scheduling information for surface and pressurised irrigation systems based on the ETo and rainfall data.

There is also a link to an Interactive ETo Spreadsheet that enables users to enter their own data to get tailored surface irrigation information for their specific circumstances.

Interactive irrigation scheduling tool

Please note that the front page of the online tool is currently being refined so that better tailored information can be provided for each of the key Victorian irrigation regions.  For example, the surface irrigation interval shown on the front page of the online tool is based on a 40mm soil water deficit, which may suit surface irrigators in Northern Victoria better than in other regions.

The tool has been developed by Agriculture Victoria (with ‘Flowmatter’s’ digital skills) and is currently in a pilot phase.  Feedback is appreciated and can be sent to [email protected].  This email address can also be found via the “Contact us” tab on the ExtensionAUS Irrigating Agriculture web site.

You can also subscribe to a Weekly Irrigation Requirements email to receive irrigation scheduling advice and commentary delivered direct to your inbox by hitting on the subscribe tab at the top of the page.

ETO Tool – Map

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