APAL grower R&D Updates- available on web

APAL grower R&D Updates now available to watch on the APAL site: https://apal.org.au/news-and-resources/videos-and-webinars/

Catch up on the latest in pollination, netting and codling moth amongst others:

  1. Securing pollination through revegetation – Katya Hogendoorn
  2. Pollination under netting – learnings from NZ – Lisa Evans
  3. Combating codling moth with the mastrus wasp – trial update – David Williams
  4. Assessing Mastrus ridens (wasp) to control codling moth in pome fruit orchards – David Williams
  5. Panel discussion – Is netting the best defence and worth the investment? – Susie Green
  6. Preparing for biosecurity crisis Brown Marmorated Stink Bug



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