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Useful tool – Pests Pocket guide

An online e-book version of the popular Agriculture Victoria publication Pests of Pome and Stone Fruit and their Predators and Parasitoids – A Pocket guide will be available here for download in December 2018.
Example from Pocket Guide of how to use identification keys
Example from Pocket Guide of identification page of mites

Orchard plant protection guide for deciduous fruits in NSW

The 2018-19 edition of the Orchard plant protection guide for deciduous fruits in NSW is the latest in a series of similar publications from NSW Department of Primary Industries which have served industry for over 57 years. It provides up-to date information on all aspects of protecting your orchard from pests […]

Spring pest monitoring in WA orchards

Out of a recent survey and discussions at workshops in August the most mentioned pests of concern in Western Australia were med fly, weevils, woolly aphids, mites and thrips.
Depressions in apple fruitlets caused by apple dimpling bug
Adult apple dimpling bug
For pests that may or may not be a problem in spring, […]

Harlequin bug – Manage Hosts and Hideouts

The Spring and Summer months are a good time to be on the look-out for Harlequin Bug in the orchard and applying management strategies to reduce their numbers.  Harlequin bug Dindymus versicolor (Herrich-Schaeffer) is a native Australian plant bug in the family Pyrrhocoridae.
The adult bug is about 12mm in length […]

Broad-Leaved Weeds Support Orchard Pests

Broad-leaved weeds such as capeweed Arctotheca calendula, marshmallow Malva parviflora, and fat hen Chenopodium album are common throughout Australian fruit growing areas. These plants often support pest species such as lightbrown apple moth, harlequin bugs, and thrips. Control of the weeds will help reduce prevalence of the pests.
Weed control should […]

Useful Tool – Pest Monitoring Guidelines

Monitoring the populations of pests, diseases, weeds, and beneficial organisms such as predators and parasitoid wasps is an important component of implementing integrated pest, disease and weed management in orchards. It does not need to be onerous or time consuming.
The methods outlined below provide guidelines other than trapping that should […]

Useful Tool – IPDM Monitoring Calendar

Monitoring calendars are designed to help you monitor orchards more effectively.
The shaded areas show you when to monitor, and the comments section gives you more detailed information.
To download and print this monitoring calendar click IPDM Monitoring Calendar.
To assist you implement monitoring see also the IPDM Monitoring Sheet and IPDM Monitoring Guidelines.

Useful Tool – IPDM Monitoring Sheet

This IPDM monitoring sheet is designed for recording pests and diseases in regular sampling of your orchard, using the protocols described in monitoring methods.  Timing of sampling can be guided by the monitoring calendar.
Click here to download the IPDM Monitoring Sheet.
Click here to download the IPDM Monitoring Calendar.
Click here to […]