Oscar Villalta

Dr Oscar Villalta (Retired) was a Senior Plant Pathologist in the Agriculture Research Victoria division within DEDJTR. He has over 25 years of experience in plant pathology research, development and extension in IPM related to disease epidemiology and management in pome and stone fruit, and vegetable production. Oscar is recognised nationally and internationally for his expertise in development and adoption of IPM for major diseases of apples and pears (scab and mildew), stone fruit (Monilinia brown rot) and diseases of various vegetable crops. His experience includes development of disease predictive tools and management strategies for diseases of pome and stone fruit, and extension experience delivering the new technologies. His experience and research interest include the development of predictive tools and control approaches for fruit storage rots and and biosecurity risk analysis to improve preparedness and eradication of exotic plant pathogens of horticultural crops.

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