Investigate: varroa mite – Activity for schools

Teachers, help your students understand why the detection of varroa mite at Newcastle called for a statewide emergency response 

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) Schools program has a new resource that provides a quick overview of the current outbreak of varroa mite in NSW including:  

  • How did we know they were here? 
  • Why is it such a big deal?  
  • What happens now? 

Help your students understand this biosecurity risk to our honey bee industry and the industries that depend on pollination services. Investigate: Varroa mite is suitable for primary and early high school students. 

Investigate: Varroa mite  

Investigate: Varroa mite provides information about how we found out varroa mite are in Australia, why it’s a problem and what we are doing about it. 

The resource includes a PowerPoint presentation, student worksheet (accessible pdf form for printing or completing electronically) and answer sheet for teachers. Investigate: Varroa mite is suitable for primary and early high school students.  

Download the PowerPoint presentation, teacher guide and student worksheet from 

Not just for schools! 

This activity is also a great option for scout groups, Landcare groups, home schools, and environment clubs. 

It’s important we all learn about some of the exotic pests to keep an eye out for in NSW. By doing this we can all play a role in protecting our natural environment, agriculture and horticulture industries from the threat of damaging pests.  

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