NSW DPI Schools Investigate biosecurity series

The NSW Department of Primary Industries Schools Program was established in 2015. From the outset the team have developed resources about Australia’s biosecurity and the importance of protecting Australia from invasive plants and animals. The Investigate resources were developed to get the biosecurity message into schools with as much hands on learning as they can squeeze in.   

Currently numbering six resources the activities range from:

  • developing a surveillance program to confirm the absence of pests
  • ways to encourage beneficial insects and
  • researching pests to develop an understanding of the potential impact of these invasive pests.

To date the team have focused student (and teacher!) attention on:

  • Red Imported Fire Ants
  • aphids
  • bees
  • soils
  • Cane Toads, and most recently,
  • Varroa Mite.  

Proving popular with teachers, the programs are fully resourced with all the content needed to deliver the programs available free to download. Initially aimed at NSW Stage 3 students, the resources are adaptable for younger and older students with stage 4 teachers using them to supplement learning in science, geography and technologies. The resources have also been mapped to Australian Curriculum outcomes.  

And to keep the message at the front of students minds, Biosecurity Warrior stickers are available to reward your students hard work! 

Biosecurity Investigate resources

To access the range of resources or share them with your local schools go to the website at https://www.nswdpi-schools-program.com/investigate 

Be sure to check out the shorter (afternoon filler) surveillance activity as well https://www.nswdpi-schools-program.com/schools-surveillance-activity 



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