The ‘Bugs are out’ – A surveillance activity for schools

PEBN school playground

Teachers, take your students outside and help monitor NSW for biosecurity pests 

This summer the Peri-urban Environmental Biosecurity Network (PEBN) needs your help! Get your students involved in some citizen science while they learn about some of NSW’s target invasive pests that pose a threat to the environment. 

DPI schools logoThe PEBN have teamed up with the NSW DPI Schools Program to develop a quick activity that will help you as teachers: 

  • deliver a hands-on activity in your school grounds that contributes to the important biosecurity surveillance of NSW 
  • help biosecurity staff monitor the state for some of the pests of greatest concern in NSW right now 
  • give your students an insight into one of the many science careers in agriculture and natural resource management 
  • get your students outside for some authentic learning! 

How to participate 

Download the PowerPoint presentation, teacher guide and student worksheet from 

Not just for schools! 

This activity is also a great option for scout groups, Landcare groups, home schools, and environment clubs. 

The more people involved the more opportunity to protect our natural environment, agriculture and horticulture industries from the threat of damaging pests! 


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A great activity for the end of the year! Thanks!

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Teagan Newson

A fantastic, “21st century, real world” activity that is relevant for students. As well as getting them out of the classroom and feeling equipped with the knowledge to identify biosecurity pests in their environment!

Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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