Interactive report: The farmgate value of Victorian Agricultural commodities

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The farmgate value of major Victorian agricultural commodities and regions they are produced in is now available in the interactive report below.

By clicking on the graph or the map, users can customise their analysis to get a profile of all commodities for one region or investigate which regions of the state produced the most value for a specific commodity.

Milk was Victoria’s most valuable commodity ($3 billion) in 2019-20, with the largest value coming from the West Gippsland ($898m), Corangamite ($542 million) and Glenelg Hopkins ($526 million) regions.

The Glenelg Hopkins region produced the most farmgate value in 2019-20 ($2.8 billion).  Lamb and mutton ($862 million), beef ($668 million) and milk ($526 million) were the largest value commodities in the region.

Data was sourced from the latest data release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

For more information please contact:

Sam Henty
Farm Business Economist
Agriculture Victoria

[email protected]


Rating: 5.0/5. From 9 votes.
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Tristan Wardley

I’ve been waiting for a resource like this. Well done!

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Well Done Sam.

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What a fantastic resource. A complex topic and easy way to investigate and compare data!!! Please keep this up each year 🙂

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