Improving Field Screening Methods for Chickpea Ascochyta Blight


In this video, Dr. Joshua Fanning describes the methods that have been used in Horsham to develop high throughput field phenotyping of chickpea plants for ascochyta blight resistance.

This video was filmed during November 2020. All information was accurate at the time of recording.

Transcript – Improving Field Screening Methods for Chickpea Ascochyta Blight

Further information


The trial featured in this video is part of the Grains Research and Development Corporation funded project: Towards effective genetic and sustainable management of Ascochyta blight of Chickpea: Accurate, effective, cheaper and rapid high-throughput method for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of AB genetic resistance.

Thank you to Grant Hollaway (Agriculture Victoria, Senior Research Scientist – Field Crop Diseases) and Bhanu Kalia (Agriculture Victoria, Research Scientist – Plant Pathology) for their contribution and expertise.

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