The Energy Smart Farming community brings together farm energy experts including farmers, service providers, advisors, researchers and community advocates to share energy knowledge, research and solutions to help make Australian farming more profitable.

We aim to share, and build on the existing knowledge, around practical energy and money saving solutions for farmers by providing access to relevant information, resources and people who can help with energy planning solutions. Peer-reviewed articles on energy saving initiatives and renewables, farmer case studies, on-line events, as well as the ability to ask energy-related questions of the community (through our Ask a Team Member) will be the key features of the Energy Smart Farming community.

Energy is an important input for agricultural production with rising energy costs of gas, diesel and electricity impacting most farmers. Energy reliability and the financial barriers such as the high up-front cost of investment, low return on investment and uncertainty around appropriate technologies create significant challenges to farmers looking to make the best energy investment decisions.

Saving energy on farms not only helps farmers to sustain profitable businesses, it has a flow on effect in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.