On-farm energy efficiency and cost savings

Dairy with solar panels on the roof

Meet businesses in the case studies which highlight opportunities across industries for on-farm energy efficiency and cost savings – and showcase what has been achieved.

Sustainable off-grid poultry farming

Solar panels and battery storage provided a more sustainable approach to obtaining energy. It was a big investment – but one that delivered large benefits.

Solar and head pumps deliver

Installing heat pumps and using solar electricity across the dairy was a great choice for this business. The heat pumps reduced hot water energy use in the dairy by around half and delivered greater reliability.

Nursery a wrap for igloo insulation

Significant energy savings, alongside better plant quality and output for this nursery  – from improving greenhouse insulation, installing solar panels and reducing energy use for irrigation.

Chasing energy efficiency

For these croppers, installing solar panels and adding a chaser bin and a belt shifter for moving grain – raised productivity, delivered energy and labour savings and improved workplace safety.

Gains for grape growers

A new triple row sprayer, soil moisture sensors and cool room insulation brought energy, water and labour savings – and improved grape yield and quality.

Cool benefits from milk chilling

A new rapid chiller helped this dairy in supplying top quality milk while keeping energy costs under control – and reap the benefits of heating water for the dairy.

Sustainability with solar

Rooftop solar panels and solar water pumps were big-ticket energy savers for this free range piggery, with a new tank monitor delivering a quick win – with fuel, time and water savings.


These case studies were delivered through Agriculture Victoria, the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan (the Plan) supported farm businesses to improve energy efficiency, productivity and on-farm energy generation. Since 2018, the Plan has supported over 1,300 farm businesses with free on-farm energy assessments and delivered over 650 grants to Victorian farmers.

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Bev Dick

Thanks for this info. I got the link from my local newspaper, The Standard, in Alexandra Victoria, June 21st edition. It’s good the Ag dept are starting to publish farm energy saving ideas more widely. This stimulates we farmers, but supports community thinking too.
I hope this becomes a regular feature in our rural papers. How about publishing one case study per month or 6 weeks? Most people wouldn’t look up the website like I’ve just done, let alone read the article that came without a photo to give instant context. However the paper has done a great job (or was it the Dept of Ag initiative?) having a 3-page section entitled ON THE LAND). That’s enough comment from me, except to say keep up the communication and examples about energy savings ideas on-farm as time is short to reduce emissions and we simply need to leap from arguing if climate change is theory or real, and get into practical solutions.



    Hi, Thank you for your comment and we are glad you have found the Energy Smart Farming site useful. If you are on social media you can follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/energysmartfarming or Twitter at: https://twitter.com/EnergySmartFarm
    We will endeavour to work with our Community of Practice members to promote this work more widely.
    Jodie Harrison
    Agriculture Victoria Energy Smart Farming Project Leader

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