Agriculture Victoria Energy SmartFarms

Agriculture Victoria Research is partnering with industry, agribusiness, the education sector and communities to develop SmartFarms in key regional centres across Victoria that actively engage in multi-disciplinary research and innovation.

The SmartFarms capture and bring together technologies and data to support smart information and new opportunities for agriculture. Each SmartFarm is a gateway to research, innovation and technology, and skills development for Victoria’s major agriculture industries.

Two of the SmartFarms have a particular focus on energy technologies and solutions, to demonstrate what can be applied to commercial farms in different industries.

  • Ellinbank – The Ellinbank SmartFarm in Gippsland is Australia’s leading dairy innovation facility, fast-tracking innovative technology solutions in a research environment and showcasing them to the dairy industry.
  • Tatura – The Tatura SmartFarm in the Goulburn Valley is Australia’s leading horticulture SmartFarm research facility, enabling research and innovation to deliver high-quality fruit from orchard to export market. They develop, use and demonstrate new applications of agricultural technology to achieve increases in marketable yield, product value and production efficiency in pears, apples, stonefruit and almonds.