Irrigation 101 – online learning modules from Tocal College

NSW Department of Primary Industries Tocal College have a free Irrigation 101 online course available. The course contains fundamental information on irrigation systems and management and is a valuable resource for those new to irrigation, or those who would like to expand their knowledge in different irrigation systems.

The Irrigation 101 course is broken up into ten modules, on average 13 pages in length, which provide an overview of key principles and practices in broadacre irrigation, across ten key areas: 

  • Irrigation background concepts and practices
  • Flow control and metering
  • Irrigation scheduling 
  • Surface irrigation and distribution systems
  • Furrow irrigation and siphons
  • Pressurised irrigation systems
  • Soils
  • Pumps
  • Introduction to plants
  • Work health and safety

The course is available through the NSW Department of Primary Industries Tocal College website.

Participants who complete all ten subject modules in the series will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tocal College.

Irrigation 101 is an initiative of the Sustaining the Basin Irrigated Farm Modernisations (STBIFM) Program delivered by NSW Department of Primary Industries 2012-2019.

Content sources and further information

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries website irrigation management page

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