Seasonal Outlook September 2019 – Water trading

Agriculture Victoria with Plan2Farm delivered 4 Dry Seasonal Conditions workshops in September across Northern Victoria.  Watch the presentation on Water trading by Mark Mitchell below.

Mark is a senior policy officer with the retail entitlements and markets team with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), based in Tatura. Mark has significant experience in water management, working in water management with NSW state government for 17 years prior to joining DELWP. Mark’s role involves the active monitoring and analysis of water markets especially in Northern Victoria.

Mark talks about 2 key issues affecting future water availability, those being inter-valley trade limits – with a focus on the Goulburn to Murray trade limit, and permanent horticultural expansion in the lower-Murray and related impacts on future water use.

Irrigation, commodities and climate info sessions – Sept 2019


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