Seasonal Updates: Commodity outlooks and cropping options – presentations

Free, cross-industry sessions were held in February 2020 to assist irrigators with upcoming sowing, irrigation and stock feeding decisions.
The latest information is provided on climate and commodity outlooks, along with cropping options and management tips for limited water availability.

Situation and outlook

  • Short and long – term climate outlook, climate drivers and levels of certainty
  • Key drivers of hay and grain prices including the drought, fires and international issues
  • The current irrigation water resource position and outlook for 2020-21

Farm decision making

  • Irrigated and dryland cropping and forage options, and management
  • What to do with your water
  • Feed buying tips


Presenter 1 – Graeme Anderson, Climate Specialist, Agriculture Victoria

Below you can watch the presentations given by Graeme Anderson on the short and long term climate outlooks for the area.

Calivil –

Rochester –

Stanhope –

Kerang –

Presenter 2 – Andrew Shields/Guy Ortlipp, River Operations and Planning, Goulburn Murray Water

Below is the presentation from GMW about the current irrigation water resource position and outlook

Andrew Shields GMW February 2020 Agriculture Victoria Seasonal Updates

Presenter 3 – Colin Peace, Director, Jumbuk Ag

Below is the presentation by Colin Peace about the ket drivers of hay and grain prices including the drought, fires and international issues

Colin Peace Commodity outlook Hay Grain Nth

Presenter 4 – Damian Jones, Agronomist, Irrigated Cropping Council

Below is the presentation by Damian Jones about irrigated and dryland cropping options and what to do with your water

Damian Jones Cropping options for Seasonal Updates Feb 20


Handouts, web links and resources

Below are links and handouts that are available


Irrigation outlook & ownership






Dry Season Support

Agriculture Victoria continues to monitor the season and plan further events as appropriate. Impacts are different in each of our main irrigation regions and staff in each catchment are working to adjust and deliver appropriate programs as required. We are also working closely with colleagues from other industries as well as catchment and industry partners to plan and deliver programs.

The Victorian Government supports farmers throughout Victoria to prepare and respond to dry seasons. Current dry seasons measures available to Victorian farmers include:

This support is updated regularly. For more information visit:

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