Is that a bug in my pantry?

What’s hiding in your pantry?

A variety of beetles, weevils and moths all love to make a home in your pantry and can live very happily and often undetected in stored food items such as dried fruit, cereal and flour. Infestations can be introduced through the supply chain (at processing plants, storage facilities etc) or at home (by purchasing infested products or through open doors, windows or cracks in walls).

Unwanted insect pests can stowaway as hitchhikers on a wide range of cargo including plastic beads, nuts and bolts, timber flooring, foodstuffs and white goods and make their way into your home.

This is why you could be the best person to find something that shouldn’t be there!

Join the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Pantry Blitz campaign in January 2022 to find out what’s lurking in your pantry. You will receive a Free Pantry Blitz trap to install in your pantry. During January you will be asked to report your findings through the MyPestGuide Reporter app. Experts will identify any pests found and provide results straight to your device.

Your participation and pest reports will also help keep an eye out for exotic pests that can hitch a ride into NSW farms via the food in our pantries.

Register to receive a free insect trap

To register for Pantry Blitz visit and a trap and instructions will be posted to you.


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