Reporting pests

Did you know that 1,257 of Australia’s threatened and endangered species are directly affected by 207 invasive plants, 57 animals and three pathogens? We certainly do not need more pests, weeds and diseases.

Early detection and response is our best chance to eradicate or contain new pests, weeds and diseases before they can cause extensive damage to our unique fauna and flora.

This is where you can help! Keep an eye out when you’re outdoors and report any unusual sightings through the Peri-urban Environmental Biosecurity Network.

How do you report?

Reporting is easy!

  1. Download one or more of the free mobile apps below
  2. Get outside and look for any of our environmental pests
  3. Report your observations

environmental pests

Using the MyPestGuide Reporter app

reporter logoMyPestGuide ReporterTM is a free photo reporting app built for the public, farmers, landholders and the entire community to quickly and easily report pests (insects, animals, diseases) across Australia.

Users create reports using the device’s camera and GPS, then describe the pests and its surroundings, provide contact details and submit their reports. Experts then verify the report, identify the pest, map it and provide the user with feedback.

Use the MyPestGuide Reporter app to report plant pests such as the Brown marmorated stink bug, exotic bees and invasive ant species such as the red imported fire ant.

Using the FeralScan app

Feral scan logoFeralScan is a free resource that allows you to map sightings of pest animals and record the problems they are causing in your area. It is used by farmers, landholders, community groups and individuals to report and map pest populations and problem areas.

Use FeralScan to report invasive species such as cane toads (select ToadScan) or other unwanted species such as the Red-eared slider turtle (select Most Unwanted).

Why report?

Reporting is an essential step in triggering control measures to stop the problem from spreading or growing in severity until it becomes unmanageable.

And if you have a really unpleasant pest or disease in your neighbourhood – one that bites, stings, poisons or kills – you’ll want it controlled fast!

Other ways to report

If you’re not comfortable with an app or don’t have a smartphone, there are other ways to report.

For plant pests or diseases (eg. BMSB, Fire ants, Exotic bees):

For invasive pests (eg. Cane toads and Red-eared slider turtle)

All reports are valuable!

Importantly, if in doubt, still report. Reports that don’t turn out to be exotic pests or diseases still provide useful data that underpins pest-free status in many areas of agriculture in Australia.

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