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The Peri-Urban Environmental Biosecurity Network (PEBN) connects experts in environmental biosecurity with peri-urban communities in NSW so they can work together to protect their environment from the impact of exotic pests and diseases.

Many small landholders in peri-urban regions either have a native patch on their land or adjoin national parks and other recreational areas. It is important to protect natural areas in peri-urban regions as they provide habitat for native plants and animals, give communities a place to explore and enjoy and provide benefits to farmland such as windbreaks and habitat for beneficial insects.  It is in everyone’s interest to ensure these habitats are healthy but it can be difficult to know how to help.

The PEBN provides a platform where small landholders and experts can share knowledge on emerging or important biosecurity issues. Experts will provide advice and tools on how to look for, manage and report on unusual non-native pests and diseases. These include exotic animals such as cane toads and red-eared slider turtles and insects such as fire ants, exotic bees and brown marmorated stink bugs that if allowed to establish in NSW will have serious impacts on the lifestyles we currently enjoy. 

Through building this capacity our network hopes to empower small landholders to help spread knowledge about biosecurity and improve community awareness and participation in general surveillance of environmental biosecurity risks – that is, keeping an eye out for unusual animals, insects or new signs of pests and diseases and reporting them. In turn this will contribute to a healthier environment.

How can you get involved?

If you are part of the peri-urban community in greater Sydney, Wollongong, Hunter and North Coast regions of NSW look out for our articles on the web and follow our Facebook page. You will learn how to identify biosecurity threats in your area and will be able to take part in surveillance and reporting activities. 

If you work in either biosecurity, environmental management or with peri-urban landholders and would like to contribute as an expert, please get in touch and join our Community of Practice. 

Further Information

Michelle Smith (Leader Peri-Urban Environmental Biosecurity Network)
[email protected] or 0429 721 191

Ruth Luckner (Project Officer Peri-Urban Environmental Biosecurity Network)
[email protected] or 02 4939 8814

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