Adrian Grew

Adrian Grew

I am a very passionate apiarist who has accumulated years of experience in a short time from mentors and skilled experienced apiarist. I’ve only been working in the commercial bee keeping industry for 6 years. Prior to that I helped my dad with his bees. 

Queen breeding isn’t about the number of queens you produce it’s about how many you cull which are not up to standard.

Our clients purchasing both nucleus hives with tested and breeder queens will benefit from our genuine commitment to their success through feedback and data. 

It’s hard to believe all of this has come from working in a garage with my father talking about trying to calm down some cranky hives and who would do the stingy job of requeening it. 

I soon realised there was a market there for hobbyist bee keepers and The Bee Farmer was born. I set out and worked for some of the industry leaders, including mentor Warren Taylor of Australian Queen Bee Exporters, gaining knowledge and solid skills before setting out to produce a quality product through high standards, passion and transparent quality assurance certification.

My intentions are not to grow my business to large scale with lots of staff but to keep it manageable and high quality with lots of enjoyment. I am hoping to continue working with Nadine Chapman and Liz Frost and Plan Bee to monitor relatedness of stock and focus on instrumental insemination services to improve our honey bee traits for ourselves and also clients wanting inseminated queens. 

Past and present industry experiences 

  • Member Australian Queen Bee Breeder’s Association 
  • Tocal Certificate 3 in Beekeeping
  • RAS trained honey judge and past entrant winning an award of excellence
  • Co-delivering pollination courses with Tocal Agricultural College 
  • Working with the ABC on tv programs
  • Pollination services

Achievements and industry works 

  • Involved with Nadine Chapman and Liz Frost and Plan Bee
  • Doing instrumental insemination in my business and with Tocal Agricultural College
  • Working with Australian queen bee exporters 
  • Research apiarist on small hive beetle with Dr Diana Leeman at the Wheen Bee Foundation
  • Committee member Hawksbury Amateur Beekeepers Association
  • extensionAUS Professional Beekeepers contributor
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