Case study – soil moisture data is a confidence giver

Mallee cropper Bec Marshall, along with husband Ash, saw the importance of soil moisture information and decided to implement a network on their property.

“There’s actually been a local probe installed in our area, just in our neighbours farm at Normanville, and Ash and I really started following that from the start, and using that information to provide confidence with what we were doing here.”

“Maybe three years ago, we went and started installing our own moisture probes on our farm, just so we could get that really fine-tuned advice for us.”

In her interview for episode seven of the Agriculture Victoria ‘AgVic Talk’ podcast series, Bec explained that the data from soil moisture probes is what gives them confidence for their decision making.

“We really use it to help us make major decisions during our growing season, and even pre-growing season pre-sowing the crop. It’s probably one of the big confidence givers.”

“Without that information to provide the confidence that your crop might actually have a better yield potential than what you’re thinking, just based on your current rainfall. So, you might end up under feeding that crop nitrogen, and it doesn’t reach its full potential.”

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