My Rain Gauge is Busted episode 5: Ten years of soil moisture data has greatly assisted decision making

Ever wondered how the Agriculture Victoria soil moisture probe network started or why Seasonal Risk Agronomist, Dale Boyd, chose the soil moisture probe technology he did?

In this episode of The Break teams podcast, ‘My Rain Gauge is Busted’, Dale takes us through the benefits of soil moisture monitoring systems and how the Agriculture Victoria soil moisture probe network has expanded to also include pasture paddocks.

The network began in 2010, which means there is now an extensive history of data over very different seasons.

“10 years generally of unbroken data is pretty unique and it’s really showing some insights into the seasonal variability that we’re dealing with.”

“When I look back, we’ve had it all. We’ve had the really dry years, 2015, 2018, really challenging years.”

“But then we’ve got 2016 that was so wet and then carried moisture into 2017.”

While this is an important data source, Dale reminded that having the commentary and explanation which he puts into the soil moisture monitoring cropping reports can fast track your understanding and use of soil moisture technology.

“The end game is to have more monitoring points implemented privately by the farmers. So the newsletter is looking to be educational.”

You can sign up for the cropping and pasture soil moisture monitoring newsletter.

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