Jo Chong Wah

Jo Chong Wah

Job Title: Project Officer – Digital Engagement

Organisation: Agriculture Victoria

As Project Officer, Digital Engagement, I coordinate the Urban Plant Health Network Community of Practice. With 14 years’ experience working in the agriculture and natural resource management and keen interest in online communications and research and development, I am also the newest member of the Horticulture team – having joined in July 2019.

Previous Roles

Most recently, I was a Knowledge Broker in the Grains Industry Networks team, helping out with coordinating content and managing the social media accounts for the GRDC Communities – Field Crop Diseases Community of Practice, the Young Farmer Business Network and GRDC GrowNotesTM Alert system. 

Before that, I spent eight years in both policy and project roles in Land Health – a statewide extension program using extension to address land management issues in dryland sustainable agriculture.

The surveillance resource/tool/app I use is

My PestGuide Reporter and GRDC GrowNotesTM Alert.

Why is biosecurity important to me

Having worked in agriculture for the past few years, I’ve become aware of risks that pest plant and diseases pose to industry if not detected early and managed. The Urban Plant Health Network is really about getting urban and community gardeners to understand that they play a part in biosecurity as well.

I like to grow

My whole backyard is slowly being replanted with Australian natives. I especially love my weeping standard grevilleas. Having young children, I also love planting vegetables, herbs and flowers for our fairy garden.

The social network I rely on the most

Professionally I like to use Twitter, but at home I mostly use Instagram and Facebook.

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