Welcome to the Urban Plant Health Network

Urban and community gardeners of Greater Melbourne, this is your network!

The Urban Plant Health Network connects you with industry and government experts to help you identify and manage exotic plants pests and diseases in your home and community gardens.

All gardeners should keep their gardens clean and free of plant pests, weeds and diseases. Exotic “nasties” can spread easily from small urban gardens to rural areas. As a result, these undetected and unchecked pests and diseases can cause problems for Australia’s agricultural industries and to our native environment.

Through our website, Facebook page and Twitter account we’ll publish seasonally relevant articles and posts about garden pests and diseases as well as tips for managing them. We’ll also put you in touch with experts who can guide you through how to look for, manage and report various exotic “nasties” in your gardens.

The Urban Plant Health Network is a joint initiative of the Australian Department of Agriculture and Agriculture Victoria.

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