Economics of On-Farm Grain Storage

on-farm grain storage

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As growers continue to expand on-farm grain storage, the question of economic viability gains significance. 

To make a sound financial decision, you need to compare the expected returns from grain storage vs expected returns from other farm business investments, such as more land, a chaser bin, a wider boomspray, a second truck or paying off debt.

Calculating the costs and benefits of on-farm storage will enable a return-on investment (ROI) figure, which can be compared with other investment choices. The Economics of On-Farm Grain Storage GRDC publication steps you through the estimated benefits, appropriate costs, provides reality check figures to help your decision making and contains a great template where you can conduct your own cost–benefit calculation to compare different storage types or varying storage scenarios. 

Further Information

More templates can be downloaded and printed by visiting the stored grain website

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Rating: 3.5/5. From 2 votes.
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