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Last month Jane Foster of ORM delivered an online workshop called Farm Finance – Getting Prepared. The aim of the workshop was to help Young Farmers better understand their options, and how the process works when applying for finance. There were also plenty of opportunities for the attendees to get answers to their own burning questions about banks and financing. 

Jane Foster is an Agribusiness Consultant at ORM, she also worked for NAB for over a decade, and is a specialist in agricultural debt management, making her insights really valuable. On the day 58 Young Farmers attended the live workshop which covered:

  • Debt in agricultural businesses – Q&A with Sam Henty Agriculture Victoria Farm Business Economist and Jane Foster
  • What are my options for getting into business? Options other than buying land, and key financial terms. 
  • What is rural finance? The approvals process and the quirks of rural finance compared to other types of finance. 
  • How much can I borrow?
  • What are banks looking for in your application? 

Jane also spent a good chunk of time in the workshop answering questions that came through the chat from our fantastic and engaged audience. We would recommend taking the time to listen to the recording (above) to make the most of this great resource – much of the content was directly led by Young Farmers looking to brush up their knowledge about farm finance and you just might find they had some of the same questions that you do!

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The workshop was delivered  as a part of Agriculture Victoria’s Smarter Safer Farms project. Please contact Agriculture Victoria for the most up to date information or talk to your consultant before making any changes in your business. 

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Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
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