Can diesel fuel farming forever?

Large white hydrogen fuel tank with three wind turbines in background

The May-June edition of NSW Farmers ‘The Farmer’ magazine looks at workable alternatives to diesel for on-farm use in the face of soaring prices, supply chain interruptions and pressure to decarbonise. NSW DPI’s very own John O’Connor is quoted in the article, pointing out that substituting renewable diesel for petroleum diesel is an emerging pathway to reduce reliance on imported, high emissions petroleum diesel, compatible with existing diesel-powered farm machinery and vehicles. Other alternative fuels to diesel, such as biodiesel and hydrogen, and battery and hydrogen fuel cell electric technologies are also examined in the article.

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Title page of article showing hydrogen fuel bowser close up








Further information on this topic can be found by going to the NSW DPI website and viewing the Energy Efficiency Project’s “Exploring Beyond Diesel” webinars

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