Energy Efficiency on Dairy Farms – Webinar recording


Are you wanting to reduce energy costs on-farm? Do you want to increase farm energy efficiency? Want to maximise the return from renewable energy sources? The answers to these questions and more were explored by Gabriel Hakim in the Energy Efficiency on Dairy Farms Webinar as part of Agriculture Victoria’s Energy Webinar Series.

In this recording, Gabriel explains where energy is used on dairy farms, identifies common ways dairy farmers can use less energy, explains opportunities to improve energy efficiency, and how to strategically use solar PV systems to effectively utilise the energy generated.

The webinar was recorded on 4 May 2021 and all information was accurate at the time of recording.

Transcript: Energy Efficiency on Dairy Farms 

Further Information

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The Agriculture Victoria Energy Webinar Series is part of the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan, which is supporting producers to improve energy usage on-farm.

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