Energy savings for Tatura tomato grower

Rising labour and energy costs, combined with a reduction in produce pricing, led Tatura Fresh General Manager, Jon Murphy, to engage an energy auditor to determine the best approach to reducing their energy bills.

The auditor identified a number of ways that the closed cropping business could save money including the installation of new energy saving technologies and energy efficiency improvements to equipment such as cool rooms.

Following the audit, Jon installed automated shade and thermal screens on their 2.5-hectare glasshouse; reducing their glasshouse gas use by 30%; saving the business around $100,000 each year. Jon expects the pay-back time of the installation to be 3 to 4 years.

To find out more about the many benefits that the other energy upgrades are bringing to Tatura Fresh’s business, visit the Sustainability Victoria website

You may also be interested to try out Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Upgrades Tool which is designed to help you work through the energy upgrades process, even in the planning and scoping stages. It is suitable for both on-farm and off-farm agricultural businesses and can be run for businesses with or without a current energy audit.

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