Extension of the Agriculture Energy Investment Plan

Victorian Government extends successful Grants and Assessments Program under the Agriculture Energy Investment Plan

The Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan (AEIP) has been extended to help more Victorian farmers improve their energy efficiency and overall productivity.

Applications for free on-farm energy assessments are now open until 15 July 2021. Following an assessment, farmers may apply for either;

  • up to $20,000 through the Fast Track Rebate to purchase items recommended through their on-farm energy assessment; or
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 grants (worth between $20,000 – $50,000 and $50,000 – $250,000) for larger projects.

Farmers are encouraged to apply early due to the popularity of the program.

To date, almost 800 on-farm energy assessments have been completed under the AEIP, valued at almost $7 million and over 450 grants totalling $22 million have been awarded.

This extension to the AEIP, doubles the original $30 million investment, now bringing the Victorian Government’s total investment in the AEIP to $60 million.

Delivered through Agriculture Victoria, the Victorian Government’s AEIP supports farm businesses to improve energy efficiency, manage energy costs, improve energy reliability and support own-generation capacity.

The AEIP aims to strengthen the agricultural industry’s resilience to changing energy conditions and prices by identifying opportunities to improve production practices, providing investment support, facilitating efforts to build industry skills and keeping abreast of new technologies and systems.

Providing real benefits for farmers across a range of sectors including horticulture, dairy, cropping and livestock, funding under the program has supported investment in technology and machinery upgrades such as new variable speed drive pumps, solar panels and more efficient energy saving cooling systems for dairy and horticulture producers, as well as the latest more efficient generators and pumps for orchardists.

The AEIP was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, including farmers, industry groups such as the Victorian Farmers Federation, Dairy Australia and Australian Pork Limited as well as agricultural engineers, energy auditors, and Victorian Government staff across multiple teams and departments. Agriculture Victoria is working closely with industry and with energy experts, to ensure the Agriculture Energy Investment Plan continues to meet the needs of farmers.

For more information about the AEIP, visit the Agriculture Victoria website

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