Final results are in for NSW DPI’s energy efficiency farm pilot program

As part of the NSW Climate Change Research Strategy, NSW Department of Primary Industries implemented 7 energy  pilot projects across 8 sites to demonstrate innovative technologies and practices to improve on-farm energy efficiency, energy security and productivity and to reduce on-farm energy use, costs and emissions.

The pilots were chosen after an extensive EOI and competitive selection process including commercial and technical feasibility assessment. Pilots sites were located across NSW in the intensive sub-sectors including dairy, horticulture and feedlots.

Technological solutions demonstrated in the pilot projects included:

  • solar thermal chilled water storage and control systems for milk cooling
  • electrification of irrigation pumps powered by a solar photo voltaic tracking system raised above the ground to enable livestock grazing in the same location
  • solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems
  • electrification of LPG and diesel fuelled equipment, and
  • peer to peer energy trading.

Written and video case studies of each of the pilot projects have been created as a legacy to the project and to inform the agricultural sector and reduce the risks associated with the adoption of innovative technologies.

You can view each pilot’s written and video summary of each respective pilot here On-farm energy pilot projects | Department of Primary Industries (


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