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Three people checking solar panels on shed roof

Under the ‘Agriculture Energy Investment Plan’, Agriculture Victoria has funded popular grants for on-farm energy assessments and upgrades.

The Plan supports programs promoting sustainable energy in agriculture delivered through a mix of research, demonstrations, and educational activities.

Here is a snapshot of current programs:

Energy Smart Farming

The Energy Smart Farming landing page

The Energy Smart Farming program provides farmers, across agriculture sectors, with information and links to progress their energy planning and solutions.

The Energy Smart Farming website, Twitter account and Facebook page showcase the latest information on farm energy in the form of webinars, farmer case studies, videos, upcoming events, and access to experts.

These platforms are supported by agriculture service providers from Victoria and NSW who are available to answer queries and requests for information on any farm energy matter.

Ellinbank SmartFarm Energy Demonstrations

Person standing at the base of a wind turbine in a paddockCheck out the live dashboard for monitoring the range of energy upgrades, and alternative and renewable energy technologies at the Ellinbank SmartFarm (located near Warragul, Victoria).

The dashboard is updated with new content regularly alongside any new demonstrations and data. A real-life demonstration of how energy upgrades and renewable energy equipment works… and sometimes doesn’t.


Tatura SmartFarm Solar in Orchards

Solar panels over an orchardVictoria’s hot summer sun can cause unwanted burns on fruit. At the Tatura SmartFarm, solar panels have been mounted over a pear orchard to test for potential shading benefits, in addition to the energy cost savings they provide. Other technology in the orchard includes soil moisture monitoring.


Farmer surveys

Pivot irrigation operatingAgriculture Victoria worked with social researchers from Monash University to conduct farmer surveys about managing farm energy. The farmers’ feedback has provided insights into their needs and experiences. In particular, managing energy and energy developments on their farms. Staff are using these insights to guide the content of energy programs


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