Podcast: Producing energy from biomass with Jock Charles and Andrew Long

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Then we have some good news for you, season five of “AgVic Talk” is now live and includes episodes on energy!

This season of ‘AgVic Talk’ highlights personal stories of people who have overcome on-farm energy challenges. You’ll hear from a diverse range of people, about how they identify opportunities, modernise, adapt and grow their farm business both now and into the future.

In our fifth energy focussed episode of the series we talk to Jock Charles from Berrybank farm and Andrew Lang who farms in the south-west of the state and is the president of the Victorian Bioenergy Network.

Jock Charles and his dad, Melville travelled to Europe to learn how bioenergy was being used to produce power. On returning home they had a system built on their farm that not only produced power, but also ended up changing their business. The starting point for this was, what to do with a by-product from the farm. Andrew Lang also had this question as he wanted to find a use for the waste from his wood plantation when the trunks were harvested.

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Further Information

Jock Charles and Andrew Lang’s episode is the fifth of six energy episodes that will be released as part of the fifth season of ‘AgVicTalk.’ Make sure you subscribe to the channel or keep an eye out on the Energy Smart Farming Website, Facebook page or Twitter handle to find out when new episodes are released.

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