Ellinbank SmartFarm: Exploring solar, energy storage, electric ATVs and more

Dairy at Ellinbank with solar panels on the roof

Smart use of energy will be demonstrated at Agriculture Victoria’s Ellinbank SmartFarm in Gippsland, as part of the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan.

The Ellinbank energy demonstration site will showcase energy efficiency and on-farm renewable energy options suited to different types of working farms. These will be demonstrated through on-farm integration at the SmartFarm. Farmers will be able to inspect equipment at Ellinbank through on-site visits, open days and tours. Information will also be made available on-line so farmers can ‘attend’ the farm virtually though video tours and participation in education and information sessions.

You will be able to see horizontal and vertical wind turbines, pumped hydro and a combined photovoltaic (solar) panels and battery system and electric ATVs. Dairy shed energy efficiency upgrades, including a new glycol chiller system and CO2 heat pump system, a heat recovery system and variable speed drives will also be on display.

Agriculture Victoria will also share real-life learnings from the installation of these systems including the changes made over time to better manage the system. Farmers can learn how to progressively integrate energy productivity improvements on their own farms and understand the upfront investment required and lifetime return on investment.

Agronomists, electricians, plumbers, irrigation specialists, refrigeration mechanics and others who provide relevant services to farming sectors will also be able to visit and expand their knowledge of relevant energy productivity improvements.

Agriculture Victoria will provide updates as each demonstration becomes available, on the Energy Smart Farming website.

Battery bank installed at Ellinbank SmartFarm

Battery bank installed at Ellinbank SmartFarm

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