Solar panels over orchard with orange wash over it and play button.

Insights from the Agriculture Energy Investment Plan – Webinar recording

The Agriculture Energy Investment Plan has supported agricultural businesses to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and explore alternative energy options through energy assessments, grants, …
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Solar panels on roof at Agriculture Victoria's Ellinbank dairy.

Analysis shows energy advances by Victorian farmers

Agriculture Victoria has analysed data from 680 on-farm energy assessments and 320 grants to create a unique summary of Victoria’s on-farm energy use and improvements. …
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Two hands cupped holding biochar with orange wash over it and play button

Commercial feasibility of gasification and pyrolysis on-farm – Webinar recording

Agricultural and woody biomass residues are generated across rural and regional Victoria which can be converted into renewable power and thermal energy, also producing biochar …
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Harvester harvesting cereal crop

Elevate your farm’s potential as Advanced Thermal Treatment transforms agricultural residues into valuable resources

Agriculture Victoria has produced an Advanced Thermal Treatment for Agricultural Residues (ATTAR) financial assessment tool and Advanced Thermal Treatment of Agricultural Residues report, a comprehensive …
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