Solar energy savings at Wilandra farm – Clydebank

Wilandra farm has been on a journey to reduce irrigation energy costs and maximise the utilisation of PV solar energy generated.

The farm’s energy bills for irrigation were about $100,000 per year. The owners of Wilandra farm, Sandra Jefford and Wilco Droppert had an energy audit completed by a pumping systems specialist. The audit investigated where the irrigation system was using energy and identified how to reduce energy use.

They commenced implementing the energy audit findings and worked with Alternate Energy Innovations to develop a renewable energy action plan matching renewable energy to the irrigation system. The renewable energy action plan reviewed each component of the irrigation system. Recommendations were provided to match irrigation to renewable energy availability including activities may be shifted to match solar generation periods.

The audit and plan have led Sandra and Wilco to change pumps from diesel to electric and install variable speed drives on bore and river pumps. This allows pumping to start in the early morning with small amounts of solar power.

The report has guided all irrigation infrastructure changes on the farm and they have referred back to their energy auditor to ensure the changes they make are the most energy efficient solution.

Transcript – Solar energy savings at Wilandra farm – Clydebank

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