There are a number of ways that you can improve your farm’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. For example, you can shop around and potentially switch to the best energy deal for your farm’s energy use and consider installing a solar system to generate your own electricity and potentially export any excess electricity back to the grid. We’ve listed some useful starting points below.

Victorian Energy Compare

A great way to shop for energy offers is the Victorian Government’s price comparator website Victorian Energy Compare (VEC), the only price comparator with all generally available electricity, gas and solar offers. Seven out of ten people can save $330 in their first year alone by using VEC to find their best energy deal. Find your best offer at Victorian Energy Compare.

Victorian Energy Upgrades

The Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades program is helping homes and businesses access discounted energy-saving products and services. Upgrading your appliances can help you cope better with cold winters and warm summers. It is also a great way to take control of your energy bills – and care for your environment. On average, upgrades can help households save $110 a year on energy bills while the average business can save $3,700 annually. You can find out more by visiting Victorian Energy Upgrades.

Installing a solar system

The Victorian Government is also providing rebates and support to help Victorians install solar systems, household batteries and solar hot water. A solar system allows you to generate your own electricity and if you use that electricity when the sun shines, your bills will be drastically reduced. Excess power can be exported to the grid. For more information, visit Solar Victoria.

Energy saving tips

There are many other ways for farms, households, and small businesses to save on energy bills listed at: Victorian Energy Saver and Save Energy in the Home.

For more information

Visit the link to the ‘Understanding your electricity bill webinar’ on the Energy Smart Farming website for more ideas on energy saving.


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